Sunday, September 11, 2011


As we get older, we become more cynical, more rooted in the boring, mundane world that we see around us every day. We waste all our finest talents until we finally lose them completely, and you know the saddest thing of all? Saddest of all, is the fact that most of us are never aware of the existence of those special talents. Most of us never know we have them, so when they wither and eventually shrivel up altogether from disuse, we don't even realise that they're gone. Simply put, it's the boring adult world, with its stunted and artificial 'norm', that forces conformity and compliance. It clouds our judgement and soothes our awareness until they can no longer function; it anaesthetises and lobotomises our minds. Worse, it then facilitates the creation of a cosy, desensitized, minutely confining cage for each and every one of us and it soothes and dulls our minds until we are utterly brainwashed, convinced there is no question of whether it is right and proper to meekly submit ourselves to a sentence of voluntary life imprisonment. As a reward for our self-subjugation, we are encouraged to step forward into the ranks and claim our place as another of the successfully dehumanized drones in the herd of compliant and mindless automata. And the very worst of it is this; that the custom-built cell we have each condemned ourselves to, the gilded cage that defines the outer limits of our lives, our realities and our minds and that only allows us the absolute minimum of space, this part cell, part cage, part madhouse, is a cage of our own making, created inside our own minds and our own limited perceptions, built of the pulverised, homogenised shambles of our dreams. We are each trapped within our own minds and our acceptance of our castrated lives, our limited existence and our narrow perspectives. We dutifully deny ourselves the realisation that there is a greater and worthier and infinitely more fulfilling reality to be claimed if each of us would only reach out and grasp it, each to make it their own. We don't allow ourselves the realisation that we are the inheritors of a far greater legacy which was handed down to us, and which we are systematically squandering. And so we deny and lock away our most glorious selves, the very parts of our humanity that makes of each of us a radiant being, and thus locked away, we settle down to quiet unquestioning acceptance of our comfortable little existences in our cages, mouldering inexorably until we finally rot away altogether. Our conformity to the accepted and imposed norm gradually disempowers us. Eventually it becomes impossible to perceive the extraordinary any more, to experience at first hand the exceptional and the remarkable that is always everywhere around us.