Thursday, August 25, 2011

Who painted these pictures?

Take a look at these pictures below. All of them were painted by the same artist, who later became world famous after giving up art and getting into an entirely different career path. It's a pity, because they show some talent, but unfortunately an application to an art school was rejected. And that rejection was ultimately to have drastic results for the world.

The artist in question was Adolf Hitler, who was instrumental in bringing about the worst armed conflict in world history. His application to study at a well-known art school of the time was rejected, possibly as much for his relatively low-class background as much for the quality of his work. That rejection forced him into a different career path. His only skills were painting and being a decent low-rank soldier, and since Germany was not in a war at the time, he struggled to keep himself afloat by painting portraits and postcards for sale. But his disillusionment crystallised into a hatred for the ostentatiously wealthy Viennese Jews, and was to lead to the West being dragged into a war that was to cost 50 million lives, wipe out almost the entire Jewish population of Eastern Europe and change the course of history forever.

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