Thursday, July 21, 2011

More frightening statistics

$ 14,353,207,603,583 U.S. Public Debt

World Population
6,978,842,632 Current World Population
73,174,820 Births this year
263,726 Births today
31,252,327 Deaths this year
112,635 Deaths today
41,922,493 Net population growth this year

Government & Economics
$ 7,361,328,286 Healthcare expenditure by governments worldwide today
$ 6,493,904,020 Education expenditure by governments worldwide today
$ 3,344,190,968 Military expenditure by governments worldwide today
33,680,217 Cars produced this year
75,358,701 Bicycles produced this year
214,328,810 Computers sold this year

Society & Media
637,909 New book titles published this year
369,859,807 Newspapers circulated today
515,775 TV sets sold worldwide today
3,810,410 Cellular phones sold today
$ 129,589,127 Money spent on videogames in the world today
2,202,258,999 Internet users in the world
253,078,143,495 Emails sent today
2,952,346 Blog posts written today
155,594,895 Tweets sent today
2,608,051,857 Google searches today

2,874,078 Forest loss this year (hectares, net of reforestation)
3,869,286 Arable land lost due to soil erosion this year (hectares)
18,544,685,679 Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions this year, in tons
6,631,817 Desertification this year (hectares)
5,411,772 Toxic chemicals released in the environment this year (tons)

919,433,537 Undernourished people in the world right now
1,543,396,985 Overweight people in the world right now
514,465,662 Obese people in the world right now
22,275 People who died of hunger today
$ 346,617,938 Money spent for obesity related diseases in the USA today
$ 137,692,374 Money spent on weight loss programs in the USA today

2,739,873 Water consumed this year (billion liters)
995,208 Deaths from water related diseases this year
860,408,217 People with no access to safe drinking water

285,309,654 Energy used worldwide today (MWh), of which:
231,099,564 - from non-renewable sources (MWh)
54,210,091 - from renewable sources (MWh)
2,130,202,848,563 Solar energy striking Earth today (MWh)
61,057,020 Oil pumped today (barrels)
1,300,058,802,180 Oil left (barrels)
15,477 Days to the end of oil
1,157,165,572,510 Gas left (boe)
60,903 Days to the end of gas
4,410,143,783,470 Coal left (boe)
152,074 Days to the end of coal

7,173,865 Deaths caused by communicable diseases this year
4,200,441 Deaths of children under 5 this year
23,215,716 Abortions this year
189,978 Deaths of mothers during birth this year
33,665,050 HIV/AIDS infected people
928,977 Deaths caused by HIV/AIDS this year
4,538,568 Deaths caused by cancer this year
542,049 Deaths caused by malaria this year
11,025,063,554 Cigarettes smoked today
2,762,531 Deaths caused by smoking this year
1,382,137 Deaths caused by alcohol this year
592,593 Suicides this year
$ 221,072,174,019 World spending on illegal drugs this year
745,970 Road traffic accident fatalities this year

Statistics as of 15:30 GMT 21 July 2011

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