Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sexual abuse in South Africa - more frightening statistics

- According to Interpol, South Africa has the highest incidence of rape in the world.
- According to Interpol, South Africa also has the highest incidence of HIV. 
- The South African National Prosecuting Authority estimates that 50 percent of all cases before South African courts are for rape, except in Durban and Mdantsane, where the rate is 60 percent.
- The South African Law Reform Commission estimates there are 1,7 million rapes in South Africa a year.
- On average only 54 000 rape survivors in South Africa lay charges each year.
- It is estimated that approximately 65% (i.e. two out of three) females in South Africa will be raped or sexually molested at some point in their lives.
- The belief that raping a virgin or a baby will cure HIV/AIDS is still prevalent in South Africa.

Monday, February 7, 2011

The 20 richest countries in the world

1. USA, 11,668 billions of dollars
2. Japan, 4.623 billions of dollars
3. Germany, 2.714 billions of dollars
4. Great Britain, 2.141 billions of dollars
5. France, 2.003 billions of dollars
6. Italy, 1.672 billions of dollars
7. China, 1.649 billions of dollars
8. Spain, 991,44 billions of dollars
9. Canada, 979,77 billions of dollars
10. India, 691,88 billions of dollars
11. South Korea, 679,67 billions of dollars
12. Mexico, 676,5 billions of dollars
13. Australia, 631,26 billions of dollars
14. Brazil, 604,86 billions of dollars
15. Russia, 582,4 billions of dollars
16. The Netherlands, 577,26 billions of dollars
17. Switzerland, 359,47 billions of dollars
18. Belgium, 349,83 billions of dollars
19. Sweden, 346,40 billions of dollars
20. Turkey, 301,95 billions of dollars

Not too many surprises there, except Mexico? How did Mexico get that high on the list? Is it because of their proximity to the USA? And despite all the wittering and squawking about the depression in the UK, they're still the 4th richest country in the world. Go figure.

The value systems of those with access to power and of those far removed from such access cannot be the same. The viewpoint of the privileged is unlike that of the underprivileged.
[Aung San Suu Kyi]

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pictures of the Year 2010

Despite all the problems caused by global warming and damage to the environment, mankind is hell-bent on extracting all the oil he can find. This is one small victim amongst the multitudes who have suffered from the hydrocarbon economy.

This bird will not survive. It will die a slow death from poisoning as the toxins in the crude oil attack its brain, liver, kidneys, the linings of its stomach, intestines and lungs. All major organ systems will shut down.  And while it dies, its eyes, skin and mucus membranes will all be burning. 

But who cares, right? As long as the privileged members of the human race can continue to drive their 4x4s to work, then what's the death of an animal more or less?

I can not and will not cut my conscience to fit this year's fashions.
[Lillian Hellman]

Bull 1, animal abusers 0